Art Creative Director
& Product Designer, November 2017 – October 2018
Last year I started redesigning of Linguatrip platform. Linguatrip helps people to find language courses abroad as well as to book accommodation. They also provide education visa service. All developers work remotely.

Navigation solution
Linguatrip offers lots of totally unsystematized products. Moreover they can chaotically both appear and disappear.
New web-site navigation is based on two common user cases: "travel to a specific country to study there" and "learn specific language and find application for this".
My solution systematizes all platform services and has a great scaling capacity.
Service calculator
Booking of a tour was the most complicated and unclear procedure for a user. First iteration of redesign included minor UI improvements. School page became clearer, friendlier and smarter.
The tour bill changed to look more useful, now you can see all options just there. We added more helpful information everywhere. And also designed new features to grow users retention.
Page constructor
The classical problem of serial production of landings was solved.
First we made content rules — to make every page interesting and leading a customer to purchase necessary services. Then it appeared to be easy to define typical blocks, draw a set of icons and illustrations.
So construction design managed to help to increase the company's average landings level as well as unload the development department.
Tour Assistant
All preparation for the trip takes place on account page. We made the whole process clear and renewed user's tasks interface. To help people not to forget anything we designed unobtrusive but useful notification plan that uses different communication channels.

Research: interviews, metrics and task decomposition
There was no clear vision of the design process in the company, so I started working on tasks defining and plan redesigning from scratch. After talking to the heads of business sectors, I identified all their main pains and wishes. For better understanding of the company's customers, I listened to multiple call recordings of a call center.
According to web analytics, it became clear at what stages clients tend to fall off. All this provided a basis for the goals, objectives and limitations of the future redesign. Many hypotheses for solving and correcting deficiencies were also formed at this stage.
Visual perfomance: design concepts and brand face-lifting
In parallel with doing analytics, I began to draw design concepts. Basing on competitor and founders' interview analysis, I developed several visual style concepts. I refreshed the logo to look more accurate, picked up the colours and fonts. To simplify the development, I created UI kit first.
Planing and strategy: route map and realisation
When the concept was chosen and route map was defined, I started with the realisation. Page by page, I defined the business task, combined it with developers and SEO abilities, created prototype, presented and completed the design. I developed a desktop, mobile and tablet screens of the service. For presenting of the interaction — "Invision" was used.
Other tasks
To boost the development I made some landings on tilda-platform on my own. Branding and print design tasks was also a part of communication design. Before leaving the company I found, hired and taught a new designer.

My name is Valentine Novoselov and I am an art-director and a product designer. I have 8-years design experience. You have just viewed my latest project.

I am based in Bali and work remotely. In case you have a project for me, feel free to contact me by email or telegram.